Subsea Production Alliance

The alliance brings to market fully integrated in-well and subsea production systems engineered to work in unison to improve subsea field economics by reducing lifting costs, simplifying well intervention and increasing recovery.

Further, capabilities from Baker Hughes’ Reservoir Development Services and Aker Solutions' front end team work together with clients in the early stages of development projects to ensure the entire production system is designed from the beginning to work as one.

POWERJump™ Flowline Booster System

The POWERJump Flowline Booster System is a cost effective subsea production boosting system based on Baker Hughes ESP and Aker Solutions’ subsea processing technology. This fast-track solution offers rapid installation for minimum risk and downtime, low CAPEX and an integrated control system using simple, proven technology.

From low gas application to high gas applications, which incorporate flow conditioning and recycle loops, the POWERJump is optimized for production from subsea wells with rates up to 30,000 bpd.

POWERJump can be deployed and retrieved with only a light intervention vessel, just as if you were installing or retrieving a standard jumper. The operation is safer, simpler and more familiar while decreasing both downtime and lost production.

The Alliance is working with several clients to adapt POWERJump towards their specific field requirements. The need for simpler and more cost effective solutions given the current oil climate is abundantly clear.

Subsea Methane Hydrates

Recently, Aker Solutions was awarded its first contract offshore Japan to supply a pressure riser system to test production of deepwater subsea methane hydrates. The pressure riser system enables the unconventional production of methane gas and water in approximately 1000 meter water depths south east of Japan for the MH21 project.

The collaborative approach with Baker Hughes led to this opportunity in an exciting new market and is another example of creating value for our clients.

Front End Engagement

Baker Hughes Reservoir Development Services group and Aker Solutions' front end team have agreed to come together to offer field concept studies that address the entire value chain from reservoir understanding and well design to subsea and topside facilities, including flow assurance and risk management.

Early involvement with clients allows us to understand their challenges and develop the right solutions for the right fields at the right cost. The first customer studies are already underway.

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Subsea Production Alliance

Subsea Production Alliance

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