April joined Aker Solutions in 2011. She currently works as planning manager in Brunei and holds a bachelor of science in civil engineering.

How has the job lived up to your expectations?

When I started working for the company I was faced with a lot of new and unfamiliar challenges. My colleagues, especially my manager, gave me full support to solve these. My expectations has not only been met, but exceeded. I have been given responsibility, an opportunity to enhance my skills and explore new and exciting tasks. I started out as a planner, then I was promoted to planning lead. Now I am the planning manager at one of Aker Solutions’ maintenance, modifications and operations projects in Brunei.

What have you learned since joining the company?

I have learned many things during my years at Aker Solutions, not only from the daily routine as a planner, which includes scheduling, reporting and analysis, but also as a leader. I have recognized the importance of listening to my team members and to motivate them in their roles. I am part of the business ethics facilitator group so I focus hard on living and behaving according to the company values. In addition it has built my self-confidence.

What is the best thing about working here?

I really appreciate our company values and the friendly working environment, where you are free to discuss any subject with colleagues and managers.