Ravikumar in 2009 started his career at Aker Solutions in India where he was stationed for two years. He is currently working as Senior Project Manager in Kuala Lumpur. Ravikumar holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Engineering.

What originally attracted you to work here?

After 14 years in the industry working for a British company, I was looking for an opportunity to work in a similar multinational organization. This led me to join Aker Solutions. I wanted to work on global projects and utilize my broad experience in detail engineering. The North Sea fascinates me. It has design parameters and safety requirements that are very stringent because of the harsh weather conditions and water depths. It is very different from the Asian region.

What have you learned since joining the company?

I have learned a lot from working on North Sea projects. They involve much more engineering compared to those in the Asian region. As engineering manager on the Gina Krog project, I enjoyed working with a big team and I was challenged with the task of coordinating all the technical issues and ensuring the progress. My confidence in handling complex projects matured the more experience I gained with maintaining continuous interaction with customers, contractors and owners. This experience gave me a whole new perspective on what the important leadership qualities are and it has helped me become a better leader as well as broadened my horizon in collaborating with customers.

What is to date your biggest career success at Aker Solutions?

During my career in the company I have moved from being an engineering manager to becoming a full-time project manager for major detail engineering projects. My greatest achievement so far has been the successful delivery of the Baronia project. I am proud to say that the project met all technical requirements and commercial goals due to excellent team work and invaluable support from the customer, the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor and the owner.